The Adventures Of Me Me and Po
To be real dragons.

Night 1......
The First Steps

Me Me and Po were two little dragons, Me Me had been sculptured but never manufacured, Po was a chinese plastic import and had always felt left out but mum loved him.
They sat there in the street gutter watching their house. The men in suits had gone in with a bed and took their mother out and jessica and jamie had come in arguing who wanted what, the chairs had gone first then the telly then the cabinets, they had watched all their friends leave one by one until they were all alone. Then came their chamce, Jesica came in and left shouting . Me Me grabbed Po and jumped out their box and ran to the door!
Po was confused and wanted to stop, " Stop Me Me where are we going, Mum will be back soon" he squealed, but Me Me kept running and running and didn't talk to Po just dragged him.
They reached the door leapt down the massive step and made for the forest mum had called the lawn, it was hard going but they kept chopping through the 'jungle'.
Then the lights came, shining bright Me Me jumped down and dragged Po down. It was Jesicas husband looking for Jessica he was angry and shouting. Me Me panicked, " Po we've got to go, You Promised!!!" he squealed . Me Me didn't move so Po dragged him for what felt like miles until they reached the concrete.
By that time it was dark they had made their way across the bumpy concrete and it started to rain. "quick" Me Me squealed "I'll Run" after all he was also made in china but would never let Me Me know, He drageed Me Me to the big shelter under a big metal thing Me Me called "car", Po still didn't know what that meant but at least they were dry...........